Monday, May 20, 2013

Angry Norwegian & OxCxWx - VARG YAGAMI (2013)


/Brutal metal, Powerviolence, Math metal, Grindcore, Anti-metal, Non-music/

Comment: if you are intended to experience the most acrid moments in the music world then one choice would be to visit the home site of Torn Flesh Records having more than 700 items in the discography (though being also a part of Piss Cough, another label either). The recent issue is the split release of Angry Norwegian, and OxCxWx involving the torrents of smithereens-alike  and galloping drum sequences, heavily tortured vocals and crust-y bass guitars and peculiar samples in the forefront thereby warning us with regard to the dark side of the human being - human shit. By this angle it is more normal (or less sick) than the most of pop albums together with. Ina word, it will make you stronger unless does not kill you.  
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