Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Luminous - Or Burn​/​BG (2011)

/Avant-garde, Industrial, Krautrock, Experimentalism, Leftfield, Weird pop/

: First of all, it happened in the autumn of 2010 when I reviewed Factory Kids` album Get Gone (Noecho Records). This was a mesmerizing output by the Scottish duo (Christina Marie & Tom Chaplin). However, Luminous is the solo project by Chaplin (who has released music under his own name as well) who continues to exploit similar language as the duo has done. Only 2 tracks are represented here - you can enjoy from within coming flashing krautrock-ish (Faust-like) bleeps inbetween the monotone repetitions all of that wrapped up in the hazy soundscape; the second track is about vaporous noise progressions ornated with elliptical orbits of cadences. Similarly to Factory Kids those tracks are seemingly experimentally lopsided, yet, regarding its (inner) content the issue can be considered an example of (weird) pop music. A convincing result indeed.
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