Friday, April 19, 2019

Chad Golda – The Mysterious Nine (2018)

  • Indie folk 
  • Alt-folk 
  • Americana 
  • DIY 
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Folk indie 
  • Lo-fi 
  • Psych-folk

Comment: Chad Golda is a right songwriter from the USA who started in such borderline folk and indie groups as ***, ringostar, and starstarstar in the second half of the 00s. Later on, he launched his solo projects, and his first albums (CHAD GOLDA`S ALBUM (2009), and Dance Session (2010) were knee-deep yet successful experiments with electronic music, psychedelia, post-industrial sounds and idiosyncratic electronic/synth-pop and dance grooves. All these groups`s and his solo albums had been released on Dean Birkett-led Rack And Ruin Records which was being an important platform for DIY and lo-fi music then (by remembering all of that time it makes me smile blissfully). After Dean Birkett decided to finish the deed with the label with a discography of almost 200 items in 2011 Chad Golda started his own Writing Records and in principle decided to develop in the vein of indie folk music. Indeed, to continue developing the path being already experienced and explored by him. Mysterious Nine is a fine Americana album which does mean to explore folk-related music through psychedelic reveries, uncanny dreams, and some noisy and sublime electronic experiments. From rusty Appalachian strings and synthesised effects and beats to piano chord driven rushes and noise pop outbursts with intention to create catchy melodies and overcoming harmonies. It is like a step into the realm of indie folk and on the other side resembling of the coming of a subsequent aroused New Weird wave what did happen in the beginning of the 00s.
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