Saturday, April 22, 2017

Drehkommando – Namenlose Welt (2016)

  • Techno 
  • Kraut-techno 
  • Minimal techno 
  • Alternative dance 
  • Motorik 
  • Funk
  • Electronic

Comment: give in to lust, give up to lust, oh heaven knows we`ll soon be dust. It is an excellent phrase of an excellent song of the best musical group to have ever existed and very probably which come to exist in this way in the future either because of a very sublime interaction between music and lyrics. The song is about a voluptuous woman and the firmness of mind of a man though the same words and the intention of it can be transmitted to this set of 5 compositions by Drehkommando whose music used to balance between body and mind, between sexual desires and spiritual strength. More profoundly, it is a delicate vibe between minimal techno rhythms and fine female vocals (by Doris Mücke who sings in German) as if being a part of the laboratories of such labels as Perlon, Kompakt, and of course the Detroit techno scene. In a more indirect way one can hear krautrock influences. For instance, at somehow resigned Die verzauberte Maschine wherein Doris Stücke repeats: /diese verfluchte Maschinen/these damned(cursed) machines in English/. It chimes like a version of the robots about CAN`s album Soon Over Babaluma (1974, United Artists). Indeed, it is a mechanical, synthetic, motorik funk. The same can be said about the opening track Die Toten haben Strassen. If you are felling yourself depressed and being suppressed by Xanax and you are glaring at a greyish, pointless point in a remote distance while having no mind in your fucked-up brain. The great issue is a part of the discography of Der Kleine Grüne Würfel.
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