Friday, April 14, 2017

Alan Rèvolte! – Libre y Salvaje (2016)

  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Folk punk 
  • Punk folk 
  • Alt-folk 
  • Mexicana

Comment: Alan Vargas aka Alan Rèvolte is a musician from Mexico whose 10-track issue is an attention-getting blend of Spanish-sung lyrics, intense acoustic guitar strums all of that predominantly being managed in a straightforward approach. The straightforward approach over there does mean it is played with great fervour and infectious Latin temperament though wherein one can discern many changes in chords and timbres and rhythms. Sometimes his guitar play involves more spacey patches with the slowed-down rhythm (at Réquiem para un Poeta). Here and there he used to employ female voices to add extra tones and moods to the mix. The final track La Marcha de los Árboles makes also difference because of exploiting immersive, and minor tones to accentuate his ability to embrace a more wide spectre (thereby reminding of such experimental folk acts as Ben Chasny`s Six Organs Of Admittance, Espers, and Akron/Family, and through aesthetic predecessor lineage the artists of the so-called American Primitivism, for instance). The cover print is cute and nice because of resonating with the substance of the music. There is no need to added the animal-based drawings in minimal mode used to make sense at any time. These solid 24 minutes are a part of the discography of Naciòn Libre, the Mexican imprint of which stylistic range is quite broad (from hardcore/punk to stoner and doom to cyberpunk and crust).
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