Thursday, January 7, 2016

Outbred - Morda (2015)

  • Mathcore
  • Screamo
  • Trash metal

Comment: Outbred is an angry Polish mathcore/trash metal combo whose 3-piece issue Morda is saturated with math-tempered rhythms and painful chanting and screaming. As much as I know Russian and given that Polish is also one of the Slavic languages “Morda” does supposedly mean “face” being expressed in an impolite way. Given that it conveys emotions we are experiencing by meeting inferior, arrogant human beings who used to think of themselves very positively and frequently humiliating other ones to scrape their own self-esteem and create useless imago around them. Frequently these creatures are such sort of who if they will die tomorrow for instance have nothing but leaving behind bare shitty odour and lease-purchase for a motor car. Indeed, like the Morrissey once sung while being the singer in the Smiths at Heaven Knows I`m Miserable Now. In my life/Why do I smile/At people who I'd much rather kick in the eye. Outbred`s music is also outstanding to support these lines.  
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