Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tont – Rändurvaim (2015)

  • New Age
  • Organic electronica
  • Dark ambient
  • Sound art
  • Experimentalism
  • Space music
  • Electronic music
  • Live session
  • Avant-garde
  • Art music
  • Musique concrète

Comment: it cannot be wrong by assuming that The Estonian sonic maverick Tont (“Ghost”, “Spectre” translated in English) brand new ones are events by itself. They are always different, always the same. The topsoil of his issues are different kind of drums which used to loop through reverb and delay heavy effects juxtaposed against found sounds being previously recorded in nature worldwide. The motto of his brand new album Rändurvaim (which could be translated the soul of a pilgrim, i.e the person who likes to travel) is the soul of a pilgrim exists in any of us. It seems that the pendulum in Tont`s life is switched to move diametrically to the opposite side in favour of nature. Fortunately Estonia is a patch of land where the human being could practice such a life. Ideologically and musically it seems to be bounded even more with nature than the artist`s previous outings. Given that the lyrics are all about a stark gratification of natural world and more and less indirectly about escapism from within the civilization which used to absorb and squelch the human being. It might be it is accidental that this bewitching issue had partly been  recorded in Lapland the sultural area being famous due to shamans living over there. By regarding the coverprint of the issue on can figure out correlation with one row on the sleeve by stating there is an ice-coated lake under your foot, there is green colour dancing in heaven. Musically he has reached more spotted abstract, dark ambient and electronic compartments having in turn abandoned doom rock and dub music elements. Moreover, one could hear soothing sounds as if coming out of the engine of a space rocket having stabile gear while flying across Outer Space. However, New Age-y attitude and flutes in the artist`s music are still up there. Emotively it is uncompromisingly consistent from the start to the end. It could be said Tont`s issue is a functional instrument to conjure up one`s dreams. By considering the aforementioned rows the outing could relevantly be described by using adjectives thought to describe the leaf margins of different species of trees, for instance. More profoundly, it is at times lobate, at times crenate, at times serrate, at times ciliate. On the whole, I can feel myself as a happy person who owns an exemplar of the limited tape edition (48) on Tallinn-based underground imprint Trash Can Dance (additonally embracing live versions of a couple of compositions). Additionally I recommend to listen to the artist`s previous issues and Allinn`s music wherein he is also involved in for a while.
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