Monday, November 23, 2015

Laika`s Child – The Great Sacramento Fire

  • Lo-fi
  • Ambient pop
  • Primitive pop
  • Experimental pop
  • Electronic
  • Bedroom music
  • Post-psychedelic
  • Avant-pop
  • DIY

Comment: if you think Google is omnipotent to find out easily any sort of information from any edge worldwide then you`re obviously wrong. Indeed, I have had Laika`s Child`s album The Great Sacramento Fire in my mp3 player for a while but I could not connect to any record label anymore. Finally I found it thanks to a vague hint. Indeed, Laika Child has issued its albums through Rack And Ruin catalogue fitting nicely with its accentuated lo-fi/DIY/primitive music aesthetic. More profoundly, Laika`s Child`s 5-track issue is composed of clumsy piano chords in progression, rough rhythmic bits and serene synthesiser induced layers thereby constituting the balanced whole for the listener`s joy. At times those sounds are vamped with concrete sounds (for instance, one can hear wintry gusts moving from one channel to another and burning logs in the stove and exploiting the sounds of a driving car). Such sort of music reveals more honesty and chimes more organically than many profoundly produced issues around us at the time. Furthermore, you need more listening times rather than just having one to discover all the nuances hidden adeptly to the whole. The artist says that the oeuvre is the product of boredom, dental work, and pure ambition. That`s OK.

Nota Bene! I was quite disappointed having no success while trying to download Dylan Ettinger`s issue One Rude Dude (2008). Indeed, his album is still up on the site of the imprint. As we know very well Ettinger moved on to publish releases under well-known underground labels like Not Not Fun, and NNA Tapes but that fact should not exclude his earlier sonic footsteps within the netlabel area.
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