Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wellwellsound – From The Heart of The Console (2014)

/8-bit, Chiptune, Tracker music, Crossover, DIY, Remixes, Reggae, Lo-fi, Chipbreak, Dub, Primitive music, Nintendocore/

Comment: primitive patterns and expression language in art could be truly appealing. Wellwellsound`s 6-piece issue which is made up of remixes is this sort of. Actually I have no exact idea why this album chimes in this way as it used to enact. Is it either the case of rough chiptune/8-bit rhythm progressions and clumsy melody shifts or lo-fi/DIY tinged essence of reggae and dub music? By virtue of spaced-out echo/delay effects the music is signally more slowed down than a common videogame issue. However, depending on a particular composition there are up different examples of how the tracks are balanced or more inclined toward one or another. Actually there is represented third element either (on this occasion it is deliberately separated from the chiptune part by my perception) – it is a sort of digital debris which used to appear through minor effects and in the embodiment of subdued noises here and there. Consequently it can be admitted both these compartments do manifest free nature of the human being by creating the music.                 
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