Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pizza Puppy – I Got Sunburned (2015)

/Breakcore, Sampledelic, Electronic pop, Mash up, Breakbeat, Crossover/

Comment: by watching the cover prints of albums issued by US-based Underground Core Collective you can see obviously young musicians yearning toward their childhood and obsessions about certain things. About the Little Pony and pizza and burrito, about the sample-based and mash up culture, about the “cores” related to digital dance cadences and anime. Pizza Puppy`s 10-track issue is an organic blend of heavy bass thumping beneath and more light-hearted singing/rapping/chanting snippets. The artist is not ashamed of himself to merge slightly cheesy and “deep” elements together in a seamless way thereby fulfilling one of the pop formulas properly. Throughout the course you can perceive an incessant torrent of sounds and rhythms arriving and leaving and then returning again. More laid back spans are followed by remarkably more aggressive ones being represented even in particular compositions frequently. Let`s enjoy it. 

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