Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mystified - Cardboard Hotel Revisited (2014)

/Drone, Soundscape, Musique concrete, Minimalism, Ambient drone, Dark ambient, Avant-garde, Sound-art, Conceptual, Experimentalism/

Comment: undoubtedly Thomas Park aka Mystified (also known as Autocad, Mister Vapor) is being one of the most known web/net audio veterans who has been creating music since the first half of the 00s. His tenure might only be comparable with Dave Keifer aka Cagey House in this compartment. There is up one long-running composition, having a length of 20 minutes and 54 seconds. By listening to it the listener can perceive that such a kind of ambient drone and dark ambient music could be truly emotive. Maybe even the most arousing music produced around him/her. It does not particularly speak about love between people which might frequently turn into a buzz word only. It does not particularly speak love for God which might frequently be subliminal. It is all about warm sounds to surface and conjoin with one another step by step. More concretely, it is about hisses and microscopic noises, it is all about restrainedly progressing whistling impulses here and there which are to get in touch with the concrete music sounds (some buried rhythms resemble the locomotive`s wheel-induced frequencies) in the second part. At times these sounds are counterpointed with magically haunting orchestrated clouds coming from nowhere, then sustaining and fading out. Emotionally these 1254 seconds are positive ones although the objects speculatively denoted over there might be ominous and venomous (of course, I don`t concretely focus upon such majestic creatures as the snakes). I mean mystified creatures spawned in the human being`s mind and soul with purpose to broaden our inner and outer space and then conquer it. Don`t forget – the human being needs actually wilderness and space (without being changed it into places totally) around him/her. Space is actually not equal to place. The former is tremendously more high-powered and divine. As she/he needs it she/he needs Mystified-kind sound either (although he/she might not be aware of it in fact). In a nutshell, get this gem to fulfil one of your most essential needs. By the way, conceptually the issue is related to Park`s first outing Cardboard Hotel EP on the Webbed Hand imprint in 2004.    
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