Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mila Severtseva – Lony EP (2015)

/Experimental electronica, IDM, Experimental techno, Abstract techno/

Comment: I feel many associations are truly sympathetic considering this 4-track issue. I like the way the electronic sound is being produced nowadays. Just take some samples and rhythmic cadences and process them heavily through the sonic filters and looping machines. For instance, at Eir Eelin` the artist exploits a sample of the doorbell to develop and build up the whole track on it. Secondly, I like the role the women enact in the electronic music today. Vampire Weekend, Julia Holter, Maria Minerva, Laurel Halo etc.  Mila Severtseva, however, can particularly be discriminated in one compartment with such IDM/experimental techno/glitched-out techno artists as Zavoloka, adamned.age, AGF. Thirdly, she comes out of Saint Petersburg, the northern capital of Russia which is a beautiful city. In overall, the electronic music is up there to provide endless possibilities for real and potential musicians nowadays. The other tracks by Severtseva within the EP are embellished with clockwork-alike sounds and lethargic rhythms in abstract terms or running quite balmy though often wound up with machine gun near frequencies and glitched-out threads which are emphatically twisted from its original bits. Dig out this nascent EP for yourself and your neighbours. 
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