Sunday, January 18, 2015

Minóy – Devil Music (1988)

/Noise, Electro-acoustic, Live session, Drone, Improvised music, Non-music, Experimentalism, Freeformfreakout, Avant-garde/

Comment: this live performed on an university campus by two US based noise musicians (Minoy, and PBK) turned into a controversial one because some attending people thought it was an act of diabolic worship presented on the stage. Eventually the live was shut down and the musicians were escorted off the campus. The issue consists of a pair of lengthy compositions which involves different styles and elements – from droning didgeridoo-alike buzzes and crackle-filled improvised guitar noises to Minoy invoked desperate screams and PBK`s played Moog sounds and effects. In a word, by listening to it today this chimes in an enchanting way. Do not give a heck to this legacy. I also recommend read a book, Minòy written by Joseph Nechvatal and dedicated to Stanley Keith Bowsza aka Minòy (1951-2010)         

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