Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gain – Entropia (2014)

  • Hard rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Post-grunge

Comment: the Catalan-based Gain`s third album Entropia is a clear-cut hard rock album in principle. Indeed, the group gushes out powerful energy, shows large muscles and reflects upon hidrotic skin. Beside obvious hard rock influences the listener may perceive some buried (post-) grunge draughts. Maybe Testigos del Abismo is managed in a way to get ornamented with some more obscure aspects (reminding a little of Sonic Youth-alike guitar alchemy here and there). There is also up Escapismo which incorporates some quadrangular patterns of math rock. A title, Kaksipäinen Varis is in Finnish. Is it about the former langlaufer Kaisa Varis and her affairs with the blacklisted medicaments? However, they used to sing in Catalan.     
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