Sunday, October 20, 2013

So I'm An Islander - Æwenty'e (2013)

  • Chamber music
  • Modern classical
  • Post-classical
  • Baroque music
  • Epic
  • Cowbell indie
  • Alternative

Outstanding tracks:
Dæ, Mæ O Ål'sammel - Del 2 (You, Me and Everybody - Part II)
Ette'år Æ Ynne'vais (Fall Is Coming)
Ø O' Jerte I Flamme (Island and Hearts in Flames)
Æwenty'e (Fairytales)
Vos (Us)
Støw Å Dæn 'Jehe'e Flækket Spildåes (Dust on this Broken Music Box)
Sy' Fo Æ By Va' Dæ Hauw (South of the Town There Was Sea)
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