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V-trap - Clockwork Millenium (2012)


/Repetitronica, Experimentalism, Minimalism, Space funk, Post-psychedelic electronica, Leftfield, Crossover, Avant-garde, Psych-rock, Acousmatics, Electro-acoustic, Experimental rock, Avant-garde, Sampledelic/

Comment: the album starts off with a lengthy, 15-minute psychedelic composition wherein faintly maniac vowel effects, semi-noises and ticking clock loops are to abut together without any threads. However, such a sort of recumbent mentality will be represented in other (long-running) tracks either. The next track adds a suggestive ethnic motive with off-kilter pitch into the mix. You can be sure, this incessant loop stirs you up enough at the ending part of the piece at least. Indeed, these repetition-heavy loops are present in other pieces either providing a concoction of electro-acoustic/acousmatics, space funk, transcendental urban shamanism , enthralling minimalism-inspired (reminding of Steve Reich`s Drumming, for example) ambiance and propulsions, or even spaced-out, trance-induced rock vibes (somewhere in between Faust, and Spacemen 3). In a nutshell, it is an otherworldly, distinctive issue maybe an example of pop music for the next generations. Even if it does not seem easy to digest that stuff it is to grow on you anyway - it is to be ultimately rewarding.