Последние Каникулы - Ромашка (2012)


/Post-rock, Alternative, Epic, Ambient rock, Avant-rock, Cowbell indie, Experimental rock/

Comment: believe me, it is a formidable album full of crashing crescendos and otherworldly beautiful passages. You know I like post-rock, though, generally I do not have faith in post-rock anymore. Yet, by listening to this 3-track (in total it is wrapped up in 56 minutes) it reminds of the experience I got in a day 12 years ago by listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor`s Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Kranky). More profoundly, majestic structures are interlaced with (so-called cowbell) indie-tinged bucolicness which in turn are adorned with repetitive noises and sublime electronic effects. Only some issues on Future Recordings had had such impact on me. Moreover, there is impellent density between static and dynamic structures and elements which provides impulses to convert its power into rock and ambient appearances. As you have already figured out it is emotionally thoroughly evocative and shaking. In a word, it is an instance of rock music spotted on the absolute.