Golden Cloud & O.S.I.S. - Split (2011)

/Avant-rock, Drone doom, Split, Ambient, Space rock, Dark ambient, Post-metal, Minimalism, Avant-metal, Guitar ambient, Post-rock, Experimental rock/

Comment: it comprises two long-running sonic explorations (each notch runs a little bit over 15 minutes) hauling the listener in sublime shifts within the trinity of extensive ambient, undulating space rock, and murky post-rock/post-metal/drone doom (O.S.I.S. does take advantage of the last named tendencies in the first place sounding like another version of the music of Sunn O))); the first part of Golden Cloud`s oeuvre reminds of the early period Slowdive`s contemplations). Of course, behind those highly oscillating but minimal layers you can perceive the traces of the likes of Angus Maclise, and La Monte Young and draw parallels upon such artists as Gamardah Fungus, Taiga, A Beautiful Machine, Glenn Branca, Axxonn, A Foggy Realm, Lengua Mortuoria and obviously many more). More detailly, the album growls and whimpers like a banished juggernaut somewhere in the underworld clambering round to find out the path back to the Earth crust. Epic and majestic.