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My MIDI Valentine - The Fall Of Mesbla (2011)

/New Weird Brazilia, Electronic pop, Free folk, Electro pop, Leftfield, Chamber pop, Experimental indie, Baroque pop, Tracker music, 8bit, Primitive pop, Psychedelic/

Comment: if you direct the spot upwards upon the tags you can figure out the patchwork-alike characteristic of the album. I thought about what I had listened to and realized out that this Brazilian duo reminds somehow of Super Furry Animals. In the first place, both bands` methodology, their intimate approach does have a bunch of parallels evoked in my consciousness. More detailly, indie rock meets psychedelic, folk-drenched songs which are frequently undermined with different sort of electronica, ranging from lush, brass-induced orchestrations to sawtooth-shaped paces in the style of bitpop/chiptune/8bit or more general yet gritty electronic experimentation. No doubt, My MIDI Valentine`s vision used to be more primitive and challenging because of exploiting by far more elements for their own sake. Furthermore, there`s no many bands worldwide who could joint together Belle & Sebastian and Dopplereffekt, R Stevie Moore and ashbrg, Wild Honey and Beta Band.