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Daniel Maze + Dave Zeal – Blueprints For Insect Architecture (2011)

/Ambient, Experimental electronica, Hauntology, Dubstep, Noise, Crossover, Sampledelic/

Comment: it is quite hard to have a clear-cut definition pertaining of these 6 tracks, which are merely essential parts of Maze-Zeal`s second issue created in liaison with each other on Test Tube (a continuation to Small Airports EP). More profoundly, it is full of trash and hisses, delicate noiseful swerves, dubstep-like ghostly urban undulation, haunting jazz samples, penetrating electronic signals, all of that replaced sometimes with very floaty atmospheric layers to get the whole to be more variegated within its borders. In fact, all of that could be called as experimental ambient in corpore. Masterful!