Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Vincent DeVine – Wer von fernen Menschen träumt (2012)

  • Digital hardcore 
  • Cybergrind 
  • Electronic music 
  • Spoken word 
  • Cover

Comment: this batch of 13 tracks (clocking in at a 24 minute) can be interpreted differently. Given that the lyrics are in German and the music is highly intense and energetic this can be interpreted as the world view of an average German who is born after the WW II being imbued with shame and angriness and anxiety. However, for German culture and for all of us in general it would turn out as a positive consequence thanks to the appearance of Karlheinz Stockhausen, and krautrock. The first of them showed how the recording and studio technique must be employed for future poppy and artsy juggernauts like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the latter as a liberatory artsy sonic movement to have influenced post-punk, ambient, electronic music, hip-hop and indie music. For instance, the alien-alike aesthetic of Kraftwerk did provide an outlet for oppressed afro-Americans to take a next step forward. However, it seems to me Vincent DeVine has produced the album with tongue-in-cheek attitude as well because it is exaggerated in lyrics and sound and shouting singing through unexpected yet funny samples. In a word, the intention of an artist can not be underestimated. At times it is deliberately kitschy and campy, but it can be taken seriously only with humour and fun. Otherwise it may be as bad as shit. Moreover, some clichés are fixed to blow them to a ridiculous extent. It may be as punk as your granny behind the bongos. This wild ride is a part of the French imprint Sirona-Records.
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