Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Nodding By The Fire – The Forest Knows (2015)

  • Indie folk 
  • Avant-folk 
  • Alt-folk 
  • New Weird Spain 
  • Folk indie 
  • Art folk 
  • Experimental folk

Comment: some examples of Spanish folk music are quite interesting because of adding something refreshing to the worldwide body of folk music (Ataque Escampe, Bacanal Intruder, XO, árbore & apenino). One of such instances is also Nodding By The Fire who have issued three releases so far. Their music is instrumental and it is a dynamic staples as if moving from one slope down to another or wandering across an immense prairie surrounded by a majestic, a bit mystical forest on one side. As if the forest could know and feel more than it seems to a walker. Such acoustic instruments as acoustic guitars, the percussion, a harmonica, a banjo, a flute, an oboe make up cinematic, spaghetti western-alike drifts over there at times. Especially the harmonica gets justified again as an arousing instrument (as Bob Dylan, and Spiritualized have already proven). A bit extrinsic (in a more experimental sense) elements to the 9-track mix are some gentle drones, found sounds and ambient experiments, however, they resonate well the rest. Similarly to their earlier issues The Forest Knows is issued by the group on Bandcamp.
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