Monday, April 22, 2019

Atlas Sound – @ 40 Watt Club 2009-12-31 (2009)

  • Ambient rock 
  • Noise pop 
  • Avant-rock 
  • Live 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Space pop 
  • Art pop/rock 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Indie pop/rock

Comment: Bradford Cox was back in his hometown Athens, Georgia, USA to perform at a club on the last day of the 00s. The set embraces 10 tracks within a 83-minute. It is an impressive, even dreamy live through improvised songwriting based on noisy outbursts, loopy ambient and space pop chords and rough guitar-based tour de forces as if backed up by an adept guitar hero. Mellow and rough segments used to collide with one another yet all of that does not create some sort of incongruousness to minimize the effect of the whole set. He searches for silence after a noisy outburst, and vice versa. However, those noisy appearances are the best part of the live because by immersing in it one can find out some sort of oblivion In fact, it reflects very exactly upon a human being`s life experience with intention to get fulfilled with positive impulses and get satisfied based on rejecting negative memories and forgetting adverse experiences. The first song was dedicated to Vic Chesnutt who had committed suicide 6 days before. The live set is presented via Southern Shelter.
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