Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Multi-Panel – Rekordgate III (2018)

  • Indietronica 
  • Electronic music 
  • IDM 
  • Folktronica 
  • DIY

Comment: The Netherlands, Breda-based Ludo Maas aka Multi-Panel is back with his third and final part of Rekordgate. I think the first part and the third part are the favourites of mine. Partly this is a profound insight into electronic music, indeed, with few or without any guitar-based embellishments in some tracks. All the electronic threads in the embodiment of fatty synths, synthesised broad landscapes and stomping bass synths are drawn out boldly. It could almost be named as synth-pop but it is a bit something else due to his DIY and nerdy attitude. Sparkling pop numbers cannot be considered his first, second or third preferences. The electronic/synthesiser-based predominance is obviously the most striking difference in comparison to the rest two issues. On the other side, guitar twangs, treated guitars and exquisite electronic progressions in many interactions and combinations also make sense. Thirdly, listen to Stand and you get a proof that Ludo Maas can create something truly elusive, and blissful. One may think of it as if being written by Jens Lekman. All in all, the sequel of the releases was success. May we wait for a next one?
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