Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Albert Negredo – Paricolintencia (2018)

  • Ambient 
  • Abstract 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Sampledelic 
  • Drone 
  • Minimalism 
  • Electronic music 
  • Space music 
  • Electro-acoustic

Comment: Albert Negredo`s 4-track issue Paricolintencia is a short (14-minute) outing yet involving many disparate facets – from pulsating and catchy sample-based ambient to colder, more abstract soundscapes as if reflecting upon a yet unknown life form coming from beyond our restricted and exhausted fantasies. You cannot see its face yet you can feel the presence of it. One can hear one and the same sample at Paradona pulsating from the beginning to the end. Yet it fulfils its goal to amuse the listener because the sample is loaded with catchiness based on a female vowel effect. In fact, I would listen to it for an hour. Cloaca is an exquisite crossroad for ambient and electro-acoustic music. The cover print is also ambiguous reflecting upon our intention to get beyond our restricted, boredom-eaten life. This thought-provoking, great issue is a part of the discography of MonoKraK.
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