Saturday, October 6, 2018

Bye Bye Pride, A Tribute To The Go-Betweens (2018)

  • Indie pop/rock 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Chamber pop 
  • Art pop/rock 
  • Post-punk 
  • Conceptual 
  • Shoegaze 
  • Jangle pop 
  • Psych-pop 
  • Noise pop

Comment: this bunch of 15 tracks is dedicated to a Brisbane, Australian indie juggernauts The Go-Betweens, a conditional Australian counterpart to The Smiths which probably foretold such groups as Belle and Sebastian, The Concretes. From artsy, keyboards-driven progressions and chamber pop alike expressions to jangly guitar pop to serene indie pop to powerful reverberations by obsessively exploring noise and shoegaze numbers. There are represented such artists as Sinking, Corrections, Leisure Walks, Undone, Waving Blue, Poëtka, Vida Eterna, Soft Layers, Teething Veils, The Vividels, All Sparks Burn Out, Echodrone, Electric LO FI Seresta, Flowers Must Die, and Mevius. This great tribute is issued by The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records. And the compilation is dedicated to Grant McLennan (1958-2006), a founder member of the combo.
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