Sunday, September 9, 2018

Jessica Worms – R I S E (2017)

  • Punk rock 
  • Art punk
  • Speed metal 
  • Hardcore

Comment: Jessica Worms is not a physical woman in reality because behind it are two men, Gregory Debaco (voice, guitars), and Lincoln Tomazzoni (the drums) who demonstrate one quite ideal way of how punk should be interpreted and showcased. In truth, there is a woman on the sleeve but it is the embodiment of the devil. Lots of key chords, powerful yet vivid guitar riffs, low frequencies, and intense drumming, and all the aforementioned elements are channelized adeptly into a synergistic whole. The permanent whirlpool around the listener's brain. The 6-track album was recorded in Brazil under the Brazilian imprint Contrabandeando Discos and the US-based imprint Death Roots Syndicate. The Stooges, Motörhead are those introducing ghosts at the threshold. The really surprising and exceptional track is the starting one, Pipeline (Jaguara Thunders Versão), thought for the surfboarding people in the first place. All in all, it is an honest, convincing and creditable record, I guess an additional value may be gotten from a live session.
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