Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Organdicks – Music for Drooling Idiots with Trendy Beards (2003)

  • Electronic music 
  • Alternative 
  • Experimental pop 
  • Primitronica 
  • Minimal synth 
  • Dada music 
  • Breakcore 
  • Electro

Comment: if you hear the artist name Organdicks for the first time I guess you may think of it either as a stupid one or an act with intention to provoke. Provoking whatever, provoking whoever. Lots of frantic beats with acidic fringes and internal drones, loose thematic developments being strengthened by some iterative motives chiming like an old school game (Salivating Acid, Chin Melting sounds like playing a lighter version of Bomberman). Although this 14-notch release was issued 15 years ago on Silo the stylistic meaning of it may have been changed into a poppy one. Into an artsy poppy one adhered to conventional sonic patterns while undermining it at the same time. So it is a love-hate case, the course of living one's life. In a softer version, it is just a case of reflecting pop music tendencies through a refined tongue-in-cheek attitude. Give me some dada! Give me some gaga! And the year of 2003 had been a happy span to me. The life was more wild and spontaneous with fewer regulations. The world was not so polarised and un-natural, there was much hope in the air. I have had no problem to put it into my personal context.
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