Friday, August 31, 2018

Daniel Maze – Red After Image (2008)

  • Ambient 
  • Experimental electronica 
  • Dub techno
  • Epic  
  • Electronic music 
  • Glitchtronica 
  • Ambient dub 
  • Dreamwave
  • Micronoise

Comment: as we know ambient as a musical style or as a part of a conglomeration of styles may be very beautiful and epic and profound even if being distracted by microscopic noises and glitches. In fact, such Canadian artists as Tim Hecker, and Scott Morgan aka Loscil have demonstrated that eloquently. The same can be said about a third representative from within the country, Daniel Maze. Red After Image which was released in 2008 takes on ambient music in a very alchemistic way with intention to produce emotive music. However, it is a main premise to produce a nice ambient outing. His family name Maze does denote the word labyrinth otherwise, and this bunch of 10 compositions is complex and highly enjoyable simultaneously. The tracks used to veer away from introverted electro-acoustic minutiae and faint microscopic squalls to serene dreamwave-esque insights to thick ambient and dub infused outlets. Those epic moments galore chime almost like symphonic vignettes. In spite of the different appearances the listener cannot perceive the feeling of different styles to square off with each other. All is either seamlessly intertwined with one another or followed by one another. There is up the definitive whole. In fact, ten years ago there was nobody talking about the label dreamwave but there it hovers around on the issue. Indeed, tracks like The Chiefs Are Folding used to be played on the indie shows now. As I said before it contains a bunch of 10 tracks but there is no need to differentiate one track from another. All is sticked together organically and seamlessly. The stunning one is a part of the discography of Serein.
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