Monday, July 2, 2018

The Line Of Apollo – The Line Of Apollo EP (2017)

  • Punk rock 
  • Emo 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Power pop

Comment: The Line Of Apollo is a combo from Russia whose handful of tracks is all but post-rock as mistakenly described at their Bonimedia Site. Come on, dear people, it is not an example of post-rock by seeing it at any angle being available. It does have nothing in common either with such bands as Mono or Stereolab which in turn are very diverse by its nature in comparison with one another. However, the particular one is a solid example of post-hardcore and emo rock and especially power pop which by lyrics is induced by unhappy love and harking back to memories (which is a kind of obsession on its own). Given that the songs are sung by male voice (in Russian) I have to admit most men used to idealize their (previous) relationships though there is actually no reason to do it. 
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