Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Cherry Blues Project – Psychiatric Years EP. 1 (2009)

  • Lo-fi 
  • DIY 
  • Indie folk 
  • Outsider music 
  • Folk indie

Comment: unfortunately I can't speak Spanish and because of that I can`t understand the message of these seven songs. Regarding the duo my previous and in truth first experience was related to Selectas Memorias del Invierno (2017, Petroglyph Music) which was absolutely different issue due to microtonal progressions, austere drones, and twisted ambient soundscapes (i.e illbient) music. Why should I speak Spanish because I presume one of the two Argentinian musicians (or both of them) does speak about his admittance in a psychiatric ward. At least I hope the sort of premise because musically it is backed up by sparse acoustic guitar chords which just create a monotonous background. The favourite of mine has been The Smiths for 20 years thanks to the balance between the quartet`s lyrics and music though the subject in Moz`s songs used to be a candidate in the aforementioned ward. It has a strong assuasive impact upon you. On the other side, you know, the medicine used to work a little bit/it is not curative with regard to psychological diseases either. It might be the current one does work (with message) as well. The issue is a part of the discography of a legendary Berlin, Germany-based imprint, Resting Bell Netlabel. Resting Bell makes sense. Of course, I suggest you listen to the second part of Psychiatric Years as well. The music will save the world if something would do it. But it does not save eventually.
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