Friday, June 1, 2018

K.D. Expression – For the Broken Heart from Collapsed Dreams (2007)

  • Ambient pop 
  • Electronic music 
  • Trance 
  • Alternative dance
  • Chilltronica 
  • EDM
  • Hi-NRG
  • Electronic pop 
  • Organic electronica 
  • Electro pop

Comment: Sascha Müller aka Pharmacom`s discography and involvement in music is being impressive. As an artist and as a DJ and as the leader of imprints he has also taken part in the establishment of the weblabel/audio world. 9-track For the Broken Heart from Collapsed Dreams is a churning blend of electro beats, bombastic synthesised orchestrations, trance-y threads and atmospheric upper layers providing the asylum to an acid/ecstasy-intoxicated head (it results in a placebo effect though because this part is also thoroughly synthetic). As I have figured out one of his tenures was to play as a DJ at Love Parade. I guess he has played better music there as an average music choice used to be there (which has been quite horrendous in fact!). At least one can hear over there is certainly better stuff. In truth, the current issue is also more mainstream rather than underground influenced because all those bold electro rhythmic patterns and synthesised pads used to be in the contemporary EDM vein (but my intention is not to dilute the estimation of the album because of that). On the other side, given that the issue was released in 2007 on Canadian underground imprints like No Type, and Nishi its mainstream tendency was not so clear then. In a nutshell, it is a solid, coherent flow. It vamps up a mood that is tumultuous and soothing ceaselessly as if the reflection from a day of a person with bipolar syndrome and provides some interesting compositional solutions as well.
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