Monday, June 11, 2018

Alex Cortex – Invierano (2007)

  • Tech-house 
  • Club dance 
  • Minimal techno 
  • Deep techno 
  • Tech-electro

Comment: Alexander Neumann is an artist from Germany who has been very prolific over the last three decades. I read at Discogs that he has been doing his music with old-school equipment by employing an Amiga computer system with tracker programs and in this way got established his own idiosyncratic timbre and sound. For sure, by listening to this 3-track outing (being released on Miga) you can perceive his charmingly dusty yet exuberant timbre. The result is invigorating and profound in terms of iterative, hypnotic rhythmic patterns, lofty and spaced-out synthesisers atop. Frequently one can hear different progressions running at the same time yet all of that results in coherent, enchanting tracks. All of that seems to be deeply analysed and much work to have been done you can guess an obsessive professor to be behind it by scraping scarce vibes from the beaker within his alchemic ward. That's not funny, it is a serious, mandatory stuff. You can find out many similarities with the Detroit techno and electro scene but not only in terms of sound and rhythms but also in that sense that this sort of sound is definitely directed toward the future. Although Invierano was issued 11 years ago but by listening to it at the moment I have to admit it hums like a space rocket within my ears.
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