Monday, May 14, 2018

Florian Wahl – Naked Souls EP (2013)

  • Soul 
  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Alternative 
  • Urban music 
  • Contemporary classical 
  • Crossover 
  • Art pop

Comment: Florian Wahl is a young and perspective artist from the Tallinn underground scene and probably the most fancy soul artist within the border of Estonia if his music can be considered soul of course. I guess it could be done at least the part of soul it is the biggest ingredient within it. Vice versa, it involves other stylistic elements like concrete sounds, loose piano improvisations, just airy pop. It is an artsy, pretentious pop example I would like to find out from the stage of Eurovision contest. With regard to songs of recent contests those ones used to suffocate the listener's subconscious layers through fake pretentiousness, softened banality and impotent bombastic ambitions and therefore creating a negative tension within the soul and mind. And these compositions do not stick in your brain. Could you remember them after a half year passed by? You would like to get an aesthetical event but you will get bare shadows of music on the wall of a cave. These 8 compositions do constitute a sublime harmonic whole without any pretenses and hollow statements. Moreover, it unites a recent human being with a primordial one who dwelled naturally in the middle of nature, in his/her utmost natural ambiance. The recent human being is decayed but not Florian Wahl-alike ones. He is a hero. Top notch indeed.
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