Monday, April 9, 2018

Robin Rochdale – Candygram (2017)

  • Experimental electronica 
  • Avant-electronica 
  • Abstract 
  • Drone 
  • Electronic music 
  • Leftfield

Comment: as you know at the moment there is going on a local war between the USA and Russia in Syria. I am quite sure there are some guileful reasons behind it. Ultimately the very reason seems to be the annihilation of some Russian friends like Syria, and then Iran and in this way to surround Russia as a country by all the sides. Why it is important to the so-called democratic countries to excel at it? Because in the final fight the advantage could be given to the country who would have better preserved their resources and of which environment is less polluted and of which territory is less inhabited. For sure, it will not be the USA at least. Do you think of Elon Musk's idea to flight off to the Red Planet as a viable one? No, it is just a goofy talk with the intention to shuffle real traces. In fact, the human race as a species is a miserable one and is not able to fulfil it and the only solution to survive is to protect Earth. But it is not possible anymore because we cannot withdraw the hyped need to get more and more things and artefacts, to get a better feeling while shopping and consuming. Don't talk me about transporting democracy to such countries like Iraq, Libya, and Syria because all of that ended up and will end up in human catastrophes by having done in false-hearted reasons. Just providing lies, and the elite's nepotism to get advantage in having useless things on their own. At the same time people are induced to compete with one another yet this does not have sense at all. This has a little to do with the ultimate end, to protect our and other species` existence.

Just listen to this 4-notch issue by the Englishman Robin Rochdale whose music embraces abrasive and collisional elements with pessimistic allusions, it may be a post-apocalyptic insight without life, emotions and reason. All will be lower than the grass. Yet then there would be no signs about the existence of deceitful souls on Earth anymore. The time of heroes would come up. At Handicraft 2 one can hear a ridiculous yet compelling repetition which is a sign to perfectly illustrate the absurdity of the recent situation. The issue is a part of the discography of Pilot Eleven. Why we need new versions of mobile phones? Are they somehow better than my Samsung Galaxy S4 I have been using since the beginning of 2015? Eat why'self fitter. (Indeed, listen to the Fall instead of getting information from fake newspapers, as your choice).

(Disclaimer: it is a free speech not a hate speech with the intention to avoid mindless violence if someone did not understand.)  

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