Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mountain Cloth – The Pony (2016)

  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Post-punk 
  • Art rock 
  • Noise pop

Comment: today Bandcamp is the best platform to find out the best recent music. I am disillusioned to find it from within major labels whose policy toward the artists has reportedly been disgusting and unnatural. Especially hypocritical used to be those aficionados who pretend to be independent. Bergen, Norway-based Mountain Cloth is one of such artists who showcase of how to cross guitars with sublime studio trickery regarding electronics and slightly bent songwriting. Their aesthetic reminds me of Echo & The Bunnymen a bit. By listening to their 4-notch outing it is like driving along sonic rollercoaster. From silent, immersive chords and artsy atmospheric synth and guitar mixed lofty developments to hirsute guitar outfits and incisive noisy outbursts. Furthermore, between the layers one can feel something which sets the music free. And it is a great value and virtue in this hopelessly fucked-up, quasi-technological world (we pretend to fly to Mars while having no real premises to do it). Instead of the miserable dreaming, just enjoy this decent rocking span.
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