Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Womb – Sex Tape (2013/2015)

  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Indie pop 
  • Art pop

Comment: as the title hints at UK born Alan Driscoll sings explicitly about sex in terms of seedy full shades, quarter shades, and penumbras. He does it through a wide prism of colours. In fact, he has chimed about physical love before this 10-notch issue and also thereafter. The tracks used to be seductive in their lurking formats. However, it can be admitted Alan Driscoll's music is always different, always the same. He pushes right buttons to create an intimate milieu by giving you a chance to come along with the songs. His oeuvre can be put somewhere between Momus, and Pulp, being more close to the former, though. You can perceive his dry yet a bit cynical and mocking approach. On the other side, a sex tape is something which could be closely connected with Jarvis Cocker's voyeuristic tendencies. Just thinking of the term "romantic relationship". Does it mean either hints at pre-sexual flirtation period or does it mean a sexual intercourse included? I started thinking of it while listening to a song called L.B.N.I.A.S.W. /It's love but not in a sexual way/. By my side, the more I am going to be acquainted with a girl the more I can ultimately make physically satisfying love with her. I think it is the right direction because it celebrates love. Otherwise I would prefer "professional" ones instead of wasting my time for nonsensical times. There is no disappointments, there is no excessive expectations. Fine work. The issue is released under Driscoll`s own Danielle Records.

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