Monday, March 5, 2018

SatanoiD – Astronomical Disease (2017)

  • Breakcore 
  • Alternative 
  • Electronic music 
  • Drill and bass 
  • Jungle 
  • Digital hardcore

Comment: let's continue with a similar content with regard to Spuma Pu's self-titled issue. This time we have to come to the north coast of the Baltic Sea, to Finland. Satanoid's 7-notch outing is an intense, frantic platform for incisive synthesised progressions, piercing drones, atmospheric middle layers and laser guided rhythms. Is it a depiction of the vestibule of hell? However, I do not believe in hell, and devil instead of it you can believe in God (which is not restricted by ridiculous depictions of the so-called religions anyhow) and the mischievous nature of human being. And Earth is going to be hell thanks to us. You cannot change it better for yourself even if you are having such frivolities as an iPhone, and Gucci & Mucci bottles. It is a way of self-deception. Like Mark E. Smith once chanted /eat why'self fitter/up the stairs mister/. Indeed, there are no stairs on its own way. There are up the stupid TV shows only. It might be this 7-track one depicts a perverted relationship between God and a human being. It might be it is a depiction of a battle between different civilizations in Outer Space. The absurdity of annihilation. I could say the intensity is atop if you are listening to it in a less conscious level. The issue is a part of the discography of Entity.

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