Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sanchez Is Driven By Demons – And Friends (2007)

  • Noise pop 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Indie pop 
  • Electro-indie 
  • Remixes 
  • Art pop/rock 
  • Experimental pop 
  • Post-rock 
  • Organcore 
  • Drone pop 
  • Glo-fi 
  • Ambient pop

Comment: the first post at RMH at the beginning of 2009 was about an album by Leafes being released on a Swedish imprint, redstarcommunity. Because of that it is very understandable to feel delighted being at the discography of the record label again. And the 12-track issue is truly worth to spend time with it. Musically it is a strong miscellany of experimental pop/art pop/post-rock tendencies with hints at organcore/ambient pop/glo-fi styles where droning organs and noisy guitars resonate with one another thereof creating flickering shadowplays and velvety soundscapes. Indeed, the main tone is rather dark than light though at times some sunbeams come into the room being hidden behind thick curtains. The result is truly invigorative and consistent to conceal one's broken soul. The artist is assisted by other imprint mates who have created remixes for some of the compositions (more profoundly, Tyrone Miller, Jonassis O'hara, PHerd Deconstructivists and The Late Virginia Summers).
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