Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Blessed Cassettes – Errors And Omissions (2016)

  • Lo-fi 
  • DIY 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Psych-rock 
  • Electronic 
  • Americana

Comment: the combo which were previously being known as The Litter come out of Houston, Texas, USA consisting of members of The Strangelet Disasters. Their 9-notch release is a tight mix of simplistic, even primitive chords and structure, rough harmonies and uncanny psychedelic sensitivity. First listening times of it may seem a bit inferior but the more you are listening to it the more you get the charm out of it. Especially good are those circling electronic/marimba progressions within the guitar noise thus reminding of such post-rock combos as The Dylan Group, and Tortoise but there are also up galvanised guitar-based dodges. And those hazy synth compartments as if coming out of the 80s yet chiming truly retro-futuristic and contemporary in a dreamy way (as if being produced by Daniel Lopatin, for instance). Although it is not an example of roots music it is somehow indirectly influenced by it so you can say it certainly comes out of the United States after hearing the first chords of it. The issue is a part of the discography of Reverse Engine.
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