Monday, February 19, 2018

Noblemo "piano,sountrack,lounge" – Heart Of The Piano (2011)

  • Piano music 
  • Mood music 
  • Electronic

Comment: what about us? What about you? What about me? What about those thousands of people who are listening to Jamendo? What about those millions of people who are listening to mainstream stations and having no idea about those thousands of people who are listening to Jamendo. Don't give a heck to them. And vice versa. The recent artist, for example, has issued a loads of albums during the last decade but will those millions of people to know about the outings until their heart stops to beat. I guess no, because worldwide there are up news and information which are immensely more important. For example, I just read that one celebrity, let's say her name is Lyra Tarhum, decided to remove her uterus. Actually it seems to be a very heroic statement by her but I have no chance to remove it even if I would like to do it. In a word, how to translate the information into a useful one from your own perspective? Indeed, we are weird animals who are descended from the monkey, a stupid beast. And some of us thinking they are better than the others. That's called divine comedy acted by mundane worms. This 5-cut outing is a joyful blend of upbeat piano chords, some more joyful piano chords, and some cloudless synthesised hovers in the middle of it. In overall, it is wrapped up by naive and childish tendencies. I guess Noblemo does mean No Problemo in fact. It chimes like a sonic counterpart to a trouble abandoned picture from a brochure of Jehovah's witnesses. A lion is there beside a sheep and he is not intended to attack the other animal because he is satisfied with the uterus from a parallel universe. It is a sci-fi wish similarly to Elon Musk`s ones to fly and then die on the reddish ground of Mars. God, You cantankerous one please let it happen. We need more cerebral outflow, we need more subliminal delirium, we need more tago mago. We need more possibilities to come as soon as possible to our limited yet deadly borders. So what about us? So what about you? What about me?
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