Sunday, January 28, 2018

Roswell Conspiracy – Les Fragments Anodins (2007)

  • Ambient pop 
  • Space pop 
  • Electro-acoustic 
  • Electronic music 
  • Alternative
  • IDM
  • Sampledelic 
  • Drone
  • Kraut-electro 
  • Indietronica 
  • Ambient drone 
  • Post-rock

Comment: if to compare TT-ram and Lutz Thuns´ collaborative release Hypnosis (2017) to Roswell Conspiracy`s 8-notch outing Les Fragments Anodins I can assume both of them are suggestive enough ambient inflected releases though pushed in different directions and showcased with different accents. The recent one is clearly more pop oriented and do away with morbid dark ambient infections in overall. Yet the term “pop” within the last sentence does not suggest something decayed and inferior at all. More profoundly, it does mean melodic and harmonic and intriguing at the same time while moving on through its multi-layered path. Partly it can be compared to the artist`s compatriots The Air`s more experimental doings. However, Roswell Conspiracy goes certainly beyond the above described adjectives because of employing tight and sticky droning at Rien, for instance. At Non the artist goes into a spacey post-rock/indie electronic quest. Here and there the listener can partake in cool electro-acoustic embellishments, some shreds of samples, hypnotic muffled signals and arousing electronic effects which used to stir the rest of the structure of a composition in a dizzy way. Many compositions are wrapped up in enchanting hisses and microscopic noises. The pre-eminent outing is a part of the discography of Abyssa.
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