Monday, December 11, 2017

Pasqualino Ubaldini – Mosaique (2017)

  • World music 
  • Easy listening 
  • Mood music 
  • Latin music 
  • Art music

Comment: Pasqualino Ubaldini is an artist and guitarist from Italy who has been releasing his music through Jamendo within the last decade (the guitar is not the only instrument he has been playing. One can hear bagpipes, woodwind instruments etc). Mosaique is a great issue due to both technical and moody aspects which in fact are tightly related to one another. One can encounter arpeggios which make your soul either to soar or feel bittersweet melancholy. However, the latter makes your soul to be filled with lofty feels as well. Ubaldini's script reminds a bit of the one of Simon Jeffres, the leader of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra regardless is it related to world music vibes or not. Indeed, it is highly playful and relaxing. Despite its carnival-alike touch you can feel the sophisticated arrangements behind it. These 37 minutes are truly great delight to enjoy it once, twice and now and then. You hear it as if watching it through an omnipotent kaleidoscope. So yeah, I have experienced synaesthetic impulses while listening to this set of 9 tracks. It will be a notch in the list of the best albums of 2017 at Recent Music Heroes.
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