Sunday, December 3, 2017

Monoritmo & Rebelo – Farowest EP (2017)

  • Techno 
  • Remix 
  • Electronic music 
  • Dub techno 
  • Deep techno 
  • Club dance 
  • Electro house

Comment: this is my first turn into the discography of Illogical Kit. Far.From.Home starts off with bubblegum-tinged, funky techno and Italo disco in which progressions the listener can perceive some strong if not to say tectonic undercurrents, and fine dub-inflected appearances. So.Simple is a turn toward more deep oscillations where expansive outer space as a premise meets profound inner space impulses to cross the artificial border between them. Furthermore, you can perceive a slight shift within it the artists' music is going to add more house-drenched elements into the blend. Basstic is still a techno example yet wrapped in thick starry dust and nebulous developments. Spicy.Berlin is a deep techno and electro house mixed mongrel which invites you to come to the dance floor. As the release did embark on the funky vibes it would be finished in a similar manner. In a word, it is a solid split and joint work by Monoritmo, and Rebelo.
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