Saturday, November 25, 2017

Martin Rach – Washing Room Sessions (2017)

  • Free jazz 
  • Improvised music 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Downbeat 
  • Drone 
  • Electro-acoustic 
  • Psycho-acoustic

Comment: I have heard and reviewed many Martin Rach's outings but the Lithuanian musician's brand new one surprises me again. I do not know is it either an anthem to the washing machine or a swan song to it but it is an intriguing outing due to improvised themes and downbeat and free jazz inflicted progressions. Yet it is not an ordinary example of free jazz because one can feel it is slightly deviated from it because of a more loose and scatterbrained approach. More profoundly, it is like a DIY instance of free jazz. It contains 17 notches which used to drift between sober milieus and frantic outbursts, at times more predictable, at times less. At Wash My Soul5 (but not only) you can hear the growling drone being surrounded by natural sounds or it can be understood otherwise recorded unplugged and in a natural ambience. I suppose the sound of drone is created by the mouth of Martinas Rakshtinas himself, however, thereby having no idea how it should be named if the human being tries to mimic the sound of an artifical object. For sure, it is not lycanthropy on its own. The latest fact of natural ambience can be broadened to the rest of the tracks as well. In a word, I like the whole very much.
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