Thursday, November 2, 2017

Furiosa – Furiosa (2017)

  • Stoner rock 
  • Trash metal 
  • Doom rock

Comment: Aracely Sánchez (voice), Alan Vargas (guitar), and Arturo Villalobos (the drums) from Mexico do synthesise something truly reverent through a powerful attitude toward the metal and power rock tradition. Of course, the best elements from the genres are picked up to be added to the 10-track mix. Tortured ghost loaded smouldering thick energy used to keep going on fast pace around the voice of Aracely, and the instruments of Alan, and Arturo. Indeed, it is possible to put together lurking elements and fast tempo on this album throughout the course. The listener can perceive the burning circle around the chords as if an example of the representation of flaming rings in the middle of purgatory. A strength feature of this issue? In fact, it features no weak and self-indulgent moments in production and general appearance. The outing is a part of the discography of Naciòn Libre. An outstanding trash/stoner/doom melted album. By listening to it one will create his/her own mosh pit in front of his/her computer or sofa or somewhere else.   
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