Sunday, October 15, 2017

Random Forest – Panoramic (2016)

  • Post-rock 
  • Epic 
  • Art rock 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Ambient rock

Comment: post-rock is a style which cannot be understood in one certain way. First, post used to refer to something which comes after rock music yet still having something common with the previous phenomenon. It is the kind of ontological explanation. However, such combos as Stereolab, Broadcast, Slowdive's Pygmalion can be considered post-rock in that transgressive sense. Mostly post-rock is understood as guitar-based music which used to meander on symphonic guitar progressions frequently from the silent starting point to reach loud and majestic crescendos. Like a powerful male to provide multiple orgasms to a female. Indeed, post-rock as a style is a drift between divine and mundane. Furthermore, the categorisations cannot be presumed as clear-cut ones between the ones there supposed to fifty one grey shades of...whatever. Behind the London, UK-based combo Random Forest is the duo of Aaron Gilbert and David Walters (The Echelon Effect). David Walters aka The Echelon Effect has grown an impressive following to his project through the social media and first of all thanks to his wondrous music. In fact, Random Forest as a minor brother of it continues to trudge the same path of atmospheric and dreamy guitars, and electronic beats and suggestive effects. Indeed, these guitars clearly imply their power to dominate and emit beauty simultaneously while the electronics used to support it in an almost invisible way. It can even be compared to The Smiths at The Queen Is Dead (1986) when Johnny Marr added a sampler/synthesiser (denoted as The Hated Salford Ensemble and Orchestrazia Ardwick at Strangeways, Here We Come) to complement guitars with more orchestrated sounds. Or My Bloody Valentine would have been doing since the Glider EP (1990) to give MBV's sound the panoramic touch. In a word, the result is astounding which should be employed as a remedy for patients with low a serotonin level.
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