Monday, September 25, 2017

Zhele – Starcardigan (2017)

  • Alternative pop 
  • Indie pop 
  • Synth pop 
  • Electronic pop 
  • Art pop 
  • Electro-indie

Comment: I guess it supposed to be an example of contemporary indie/alternative pop. First time I could not concentrate but I had to focus on weird singing mode. I tried to figure out is it sung in Russian while strongly buffoonish or is it sung in Ukrainian or Belarusian. As much as I understand Russian I did figure out the lyrics is strongly lovelorn and the lyrics is frequently conveyed in a simplistic and naive way. However, musically it is craftily produced while being imbued with peaky synths and suggestive cadences. At times the elements will change their paths steeply by allowing lofty and bombastic dodges into the mix. Although my first impression was the release is the sort of lacklustre and mediocre. Given that I have to admit the release is a grower. But I feel I would like to get more emotions from the music it is somehow calculated and restrained. The grower is a bit in the discography of Mizou. This is a way of how electro pop, indie and synth pop used to mingle into one. Even if I am being an old school indie man preferring listen to Lambchop's Nixxon to fall asleep (sic!) I will appreciate it ultimately.
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