Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Art School Jocks – Art School Jocks (2017)

  • Fuzz pop 
  • Indie punk 
  • Alternative pop/rock 
  • Indie pop/rock

Comment: Art School Jocks is a female quartet from Atlanta, Georgia, USA whose music seems to be punk grounded at the first glance yet by going on you get realised it is platform for the chicks to move further to the indie scene. Ali, Deborah, Dianna, and Camille define themselves as existential basement pop band. It might be their most direct relation to punk music is bound through their critical attitude towards some racial and sex relation based concerns and even the footy sense of living pours out from the lyrics. It is sometimes said that the way to hell is pathed with good intentions. You can perceive that feel within it as well. Fortunately the pessimism is supported by solid guitar music coated with fuzzed-out vamps and dreamy glimpses. Given that this short 12-minute outing has been managed to set up a vivid and invigorating whole. The release is a part of the discographies of such labels as Quote Unquote Records, and Father/Daughter Records.
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