Thursday, August 17, 2017

Troy Spencer – Phase 6 (2016)

  • Cool jazz 
  • Modal jazz 
  • Improvised music 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Fusion 
  • World fusion

Comment: I am being very lucky because of listening to an outing from the discography of the Netherlands-based imprint 2419 Record Label and at the same time feeling sadness about the label's inability to maintain its website. Unfortunately at you can find out some very huge aggregates of sonic files just pigeonholed by genres. For instance, to get one slab a music enthusiast must download a huge volume while it may be choking up his/her computer. Hopefully any album will be set aside over there sometime. In truth, 2419 Record Label has been releasing amazing music in many years like the recent outing used to prove it. More profoundly, this set of 10 compositions embraces lots of chord changes and dodges in mood yet it is way too less to say much enough about it. At times it used to happen to chime in a spasmodic and enraptured way while based on the short fuse of free jazz. Musically it may resemble Miles Davis from the end of the 60s, and at the beginning of the 70s filled in with enormous energy while straddling the border between soothing and wild, between more traditional and vanguard, between sane and mind-provoking. Between cool jazz, and modal complexity. On the other hand, we have to understand the whole as a contemporary release of involving more facade and fads. For instance, one can hear the more steep precipices and angular chords of math/technical rock and even some picturesque Balkan gypsy motives now and then. In a word, it is the fabulous listening session.
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